Vancouver Real Estate Advertising

If you are a Real Estate Agent, or Realtor, in Vancouver you have a number of ways to try to advertise to the public. You have to stand out from the thousands of other realtors. You could do what hundreds of Real Estate Agents do; advertise on a bus stop bench or on the back of a bus.

This type of advertising can be expensive and may not be so effective. Advertising on the back of a bus around Vancouver starts at $9300 per year (according to the rate card see: Wouldn’t that money be better in an online brand presence?


Park bench or bus stop bench advertising can also be a waste of money and can easily be vandalized. In 2015, eight bus stop benches featuring Chinese real estate agents were vandalized with racist messages (see the story on the CTV website:

Real estate advertising on a park bench. Realtor advertising on a park bench vandalized.

Either way these advertising methods require a good brand name to help users remember what they saw–just like the 604 Realtor brand name. Contact 604 Realtor to discuss taking over this website and the brand for less than the cost of advertising on the back of a Vancouver bus for two years.

For more information on either of the advertising methods discussed in this post see:

Advertise on a bus stop bench:

Advertise on the back of a bus: