Vancouver Real Estate Market During COVID-19

According to the BC Real Estate Association, home sales and prices in the Greater Vancouver area are surging to pre-COVID-19 levels. It is difficult to think that in times of job losses and a general economic downturn, home sales and prices in British Columbia are rising in the face of the ongoing pandemic. CTV news recently reported that Vancouver’s real estate market had seen best September on record this year. According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, 3,643 properties were sold in September this year, up over 56% from the 2,333 sold in September 2019.

Affordability is still an ongoing issue in the 604 area however, as most houses are out of reach of most people. Again, according to a report by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, the MLS home price index composite benchmark price for all residential properties hit $1,041,300 in September, up 5.8% from September of the previous year. Has anyone got a million bucks these days?

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604 area Vancouver real estate market forecast

Vancouver Real Estate Market Predictions 2019

It’s 2019 and the real estate market is a little shaky. Google ‘Vancouver Real Estate Market Predictions 2019’ and you will get a range of headlines in the search results ranging from alarmist headlines to more reassuring statements.

Vancouver housing market forecast 2019.

Some of these include:

‘Mild recession’ in housing market to continue in B.C. in 2019
Burst housing bubble in 2019? Don’t bet on it
Canada’s housing market correction isn’t over, analysts warn
Affordability out of reach despite plunge in Vancouver house prices
No major residential price drops for Metro Vancouver and B.C.
B.C. housing market showing signs of moderation
There are reasons to be optimistic about real estate in 2019
B.C.’s skyrocketing real estate market will ‘correct’ in 2019
Vancouver’s cooling housing market
Vancouver housing market forecast to see moderation
Buyer/seller standoff behind Vancouver real estate sales dip
Canadian home prices expected to increase by 1.7 per cent in 2019
The Canadian Real Estate Industry Lowers 2019 Sales Forecast
Vancouver real estate slowdown expected to persist in 2019

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Vancouver Real Estate Advertising

If you are a Real Estate Agent, or Realtor, in Vancouver you have a number of ways to try to advertise to the public. You have to stand out from the thousands of other realtors. You could do what hundreds of Real Estate Agents do; advertise on a bus stop bench or on the back of a bus.

This type of advertising can be expensive and may not be so effective. Advertising on the back of a bus around Vancouver starts at $9300 per year (according to the rate card see: Wouldn’t that money be better in an online brand presence?


Park bench or bus stop bench advertising can also be a waste of money and can easily be vandalized. In 2015, eight bus stop benches featuring Chinese real estate agents were vandalized with racist messages (see the story on the CTV website:

Real estate advertising on a park bench. Realtor advertising on a park bench vandalized.

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Advertise on a bus stop bench:

Advertise on the back of a bus: